Lambert House engages nearly 100 active volunteers monthly whose roles include facilitating a drop-in space, support groups, activities, and roles supporting the organization behind the scenes through building/grounds maintenance, technology support, administrative support, marketing/PR, and others. Adult and youth volunteer applications as well as youth internship applications are available at the bottom of this page. You may also contact Brandon Knox, Program Manager, with questions or to obtain a Microsoft Word version of the application.

Lambert House has a number of volunteer positions working directly with youth, as well as positions supporting the agency in other ways. Some positions are only available to adults age 23 & older, some positions are only available to program participants age 22 and younger, while a few are available to both groups. We have descriptions of many positions further down the page; if you have expertise you would like to offer, please reach out to us and we are happy to consider whether we are able to take advantage of your offer.

Adult Volunteers (age 23 & older) working with youth program participants are required to complete our multi-step application process, and 20-hour training program prior to beginning their volunteer role. Applications should be submitted at least one month prior to training for consideration. Applications submitted after the one month deadline will be considered on a case by case basis and may be delayed until the next available training.

Our training sessions for 2019 will occur on the following dates, from 10am-6pm each day. Volunteers participating in training need complete all three days in the same training session - missing any part of training may delay your start as a volunteer or may make you ineligible. Additional details about training (location, how to be prepared, etc.) will be shared throughout the volunteer application process.

Fall 2019

Saturday, October 5
Sunday, October 6
Saturday, October 12

Winter 2020

Anticipated end of February

Spring 2020

Anticipate early June

Volunteer roles we are currently looking to fill; others may become available:

  • Positions working directly with youth, 20-hour training program & 1-year commitment required:

    • Group facilitators for NEW King County groups in small or rural communities (~30,000 or lower population) - locations TBD

      • Additional one-day group facilitator training beyond the standard three-day training may be required

    • Monthly Dinner Providers (individual or team); the 1st Monday of each month will be open beginning November 4th

    • Weekly Drop-In Volunteers, 3-hour shift at the same time each week (particularly folks able to fill a weekly shift from 3:45-7pm)

    • Trans Group Facilitator (this team currently has 3 members, looking for 1-3 more to join this team, previous group facilitation experience strongly desired)

      • Previous group facilitation experience required, ideally experience with facilitating groups for youth

    • Non-binary Youth Group Facilitator (not currently offered, will depend on finding well qualified volunteer(s) to start this program)

      • Previous group facilitation experience required, ideally experience with facilitating groups for youth

    • Middle School LGBTQ Youth Group Facilitator (not currently offered, will depend on finding well qualified volunteer(s) to start this program)

      • Previous group facilitation experience required, ideally experience with facilitating groups for youth

    • NEW Outreach Volunteer role including public speaking and tabling at a variety of events.

      • In addition to our 3-day training, we will arrange a series of program shadowing (after training) for volunteers in this role so you may observe and be able to describe our various programs accurately to youth, parents, and others.

  • Positions not working directly with youth, 1-year commitment or longer still desired, 20-hour training program is optional

    • Maintenance Team (all trades, especially seeking expertise in residential plumbing and electrical; licensed, bonded, and insured where required by law)

    • Capital campaign and fundraising support, previous significant experience strongly desired

    • Social media support including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Tumblr; possibility to include working with youth, but training must be completed first

Volunteer Application Process

Adult volunteers working with youth:

  1. Read position descriptions and think about which roles you may be interested in

  2. Submit an application through our website, or request an MS Word application from the Program Manager, Brandon Knox, to complete and submit by mail or email

  3. We will reach out to schedule a drop-in center tour & interview (90 minutes)*

  4. We will work with you to schedule a shadow shift in the drop-in center, designed to show you what it’s like to volunteer in our setting (2.5-3 hours)*

  5. We will contact the references you provided in your application*

  6. We will conduct a 7-year national background check, as required by the City of Seattle*

  7. We will send you an official invite to volunteer training by email. Keep training dates blocked in your calendar as long as you hope to participate - missing the training will result in a 3-month or longer delay to volunteering. Individual training days cannot be made up.*

  8. Role & schedule may be decided upon before or during training depending on the roles you are applying for*

  9. Volunteering typically begins the week after training is completed, unless otherwise arranged

    *You may decide to withdraw your application & candidacy at any time. We do ask if you accept our invitation to training that you are prepared to make the 1-year commitment we ask for and follow through on that commitment to the best of your ability.

Ongoing adult volunteers not working with youth:

  1. Read position descriptions, and descriptions of needs below and decide what roles you may be interested in, or what professional skills you want to offer.

  2. Submit an application through our website, or request an MS Word application from the Program Manager, Brandon Knox, to complete and submit by mail or email

  3. We will schedule a drop-in center tour & interview with Program Manager, possibly other staff depending on roles you are applying for (90+ minutes)

  4. We will coordinate any other meeting(s) with volunteers or staff depending on role and skills being offered. Other orientation, training, or on-boarding as necessary depending on role.

  5. Volunteering begins based on mutual agreement, schedule, role, etc.

Youth volunteers & Interns

  1. If you are hoping to volunteer or intern as part of an academic program or requirement, please have all paperwork explaining the requirements of placement (supervision, hours, types of projects, etc.) available to share

  2. Read descriptions of volunteer and internship roles and think about what you might want to apply for (i.e. paid event intern, event volunteer, etc.)

  3. Fill out an application linked at the bottom of this page, or request an MS Word application from the Program Manager, Brandon Knox, to complete and submit by mail or email.

  4. We will set up an interview/meeting to discuss the role, responsibilities, and getting started.

Volunteer Roles & Position Descriptions

Drop-In Volunteers

Volunteers help chaperone the drop-in center and are responsible for providing a safe and supportive place for LGBTQ youth. Volunteers build build healthy relationships with program participants and serve as both informal mentors, and role models for youth. Each volunteer is asked to cover a minimum of one three hour shift scheduled at the same time each week, and commit to at least one year of volunteering. Click here for full position description. The minimum age to be a drop-center volunteer is 23, or 24 if a former youth program participant.  

Support & Discussion Group Facilitators

Group facilitators create a safe space in which youth can converse about life experiences and support each other. Standard Lambert House youth groups include Trans Youth Group; No Man’s Land; Boys Who Like Boys; and Art Group. Other groups may be offered based on youth interest and availability of skilled facilitators. Group facilitators should have previous group facilitation experience, and ideally previous experience working in direct service with LGBTQ youth. These are highly coveted positions, but are often not available. Volunteers may start in another role, and transition into one of these roles, at staff discretion, as positions open up. The minimum age to be a group facilitator is 23, or 24 if a former youth program participant.

Agency Support

Individuals experienced in and wishing to volunteer in fundraising, capital campaign, administrative, or other important support roles are encouraged to fill out an application as well. Individuals who are able to make a consistent commitment to 3 hours per week or more, and are able to work independently with direction from staff strongly desired. Project based volunteering also available (i.e. plan and execute one fundraising event, re-branding/graphic design project, rewiring electrical outlets & switches, etc.). Areas of need include fundraising event coordination, experienced grant writing, capital campaign committee members, marketing & public relations, and more. We are open to offers of professional skills that you think may be beneficial.

Other Skilled Roles

Help Lambert House provide for the widely varying needs of LGBTQ youth. Case Management, Counseling, Internship Coordination and others are important in supporting queer youth at a variety of developmental levels. These volunteer roles require additional experience, skill, and are not always available. Individuals interested in these roles may first start as a Drop-In Center, or Meal Provider volunteers. Please express your interest in any of the opportunities in your application so that staff may talk with you about them. The minimum age to be a group facilitator is 23, or 24 if a former youth program participant.

Individual Youth Volunteers

Lambert House is a space in which youth can develop leadership and technical skills by planning an event or activity, supporting an existing program, or creating their own! Unpaid & paid internships, school community service credit and service learning opportunities are offered. Apply below! Opportunities open to all LGBTQ and ally youth ages 11-22.

Group Volunteer Opportunities for Youth

Gay-Straight Alliances (QSA, GLOW, Rainbow Club, etc.), student leadership groups, classrooms, and other interested youth groups are welcome to volunteer at Lambert House to provide a meal, help with cleaning & organizing, do setup or cleanup for an event, and more. Contact the Program Manager for more information.

Meal Providers

Meal providers include groups (i.e. employee ERG, sports team, community group, group of friends, etc.) and individuals who purchase and prepare an evening meal on a regular schedule (ex: the first Wednesday of each month) for 20-30 Lambert House youth and other volunteers as part of our Dinner with Divas program. This program is both part of building LGBTQ youth community, and providing a stable source of healthy, nutritious food for youth who may not always have access elsewhere. Click here for full position description. This is open to adults and youth. Adult volunteers (age 23 and older) commit to at least one meal per month for a minimum of one year. Youth or student clubs wishing to provide meals should contact the Program Manager regarding scheduling and commitment.

Outdoor Education & Recreation Team

Volunteers and staff collaborate to lead a robust, fun, educational, and enriching outdoor program including monthly activities such as forest hikes, rock wall climbing, urban hikes, multi-night camping, snowshoeing, kayaking, horseback riding, rafting, glisading, and more. These activities are scheduled in advance for the calendar year so youth can plan to attend - the schedule and activities are determined by the team considering team members availability and youth input. These trips happen on weekends, Saturdays or Sundays, and are usually full-day commitments. The team will negotiate in advance which members will lead each trip. We are seeking well-qualified adults age 24 or older to join this team, ideally who can make a 2-year commitment (1-year is required). Previous experience facilitating outdoor education with youth strongly desired; strong interest and experience in outdoor recreation and training in wilderness safety/first aid required. Please indicate interest and qualifications for this position in your application, and contact the Program Manager if you have questions.

Maintenance Team

Lambert House is seeking volunteers to join our team of skilled maintenance volunteers with experience and qualifications in a variety of areas (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc.). Lambert House operates in a beautiful 1902 Victorian home with current and ongoing maintenance needs. Members of this team would work independently and/or together to accomplish projects while Lambert House is not open for youth drop-in (typically weekends, but weekday morning & early-afternoon are also possible). Ability to pick up and transport materials is very helpful – reimbursement or ordering in advance may be possible. Click here for a full position description. Please describe your skills & experience in your application.

Company or Other Group Volunteering

Lambert House is interested in developing ongoing relationships with groups that want to be a part of supporting our mission and life-saving work with LGBTQ youth. If a monthly dinner shift (described above) is not a good fit for your group, we would still love to explore ways to engage and have an ongoing partnership. Groups complete maintenance projects, create and execute fundraisers, and help at youth events or fundraisers benefiting Lambert House. If your group is interested in building a relationship with Lambert House, please reach out to our Program Manager.

Employer Matching for Volunteer Time

Some employers match volunteer time with a financial contribution to the agency. Please check with your supervisor or benefits officer to see if they have such a program and log your hours regularly if they do. Learn more about giving to Lambert House here.

Lambert House offers invaluable services to local youth – I wish a place like this had existed when I was young. So many of my dear friends would have benefited from a safe, supportive place like this.
— Rebecca, 35 year old volunteer

Volunteering Details & Applications