In the course of your ministry, imagine if… 


…a young man from the youth group tells you he’s gay and doesn’t know how to tell his parents.

…a mother comes to you
seeking to reconcile her beliefs
with her love for her lesbian daughter.

…a volunteer leader comes out to you as non-binary and asks if/how your community is willing to support them.

Are you prepared to care well?

Lambert House’s
Faith Leader Engagement Program


When parents reject
their LGBTQ+ child,
they almost always cite
their religious beliefs
as the reason.


And faith leaders and communities at times find themselves unsure how to engage LGBTQ+ people and their families
in order to provide helpful spiritual care.

The Faith Leader Engagement Program offers:

  • LGBTQ+ Cultural Competency Training Workshops

  • Private Consultations with Faith Leaders and Families

  • Pertinent Resources Regarding LGBTQ+ People
    and Faith

We support faith leaders in…

  • guiding parents of LGBTQ+ youth
    toward more life-giving responses
    when a young person comes out, and…

  • providing better spiritual care
    to LGBTQ+ people and their families
    who seek it from within their faith communities.


Acknowledging the different ways various faith traditions
interpret and apply their sacred texts,
we’ll work with any faith community
toward a good outcome,
regardless of the community’s
policies or posture toward LGBTQ+ people.


Because we are entirely grant-funded,
these trainings, consultations and resources
are offered at no cost
to faith leaders and communities who seek us out.

For more information or to schedule a consultation,
please submit your contact information below.

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Dan Hammer, DWS
Program Coordinator
Faith Leader Engagement