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Parking at Lambert House

Lambert House has a parking lot located behind the building, accessible via the alley (see map below). Guests may park at Lambert House in the lot during our normal business hours, for a scheduled appointment, or other authorized use (volunteers doing work outside of normal hours) while they are in the building only. Those who leave their vehicles in the parking lot and leave the property, without permission, may be towed at the vehicle-owner's expense.

Park in a spot that allows others to get in and out as much as possible. If you need to block someone else in, please let the front desk know which car you are driving so we can find you if we need you to move and allow the other person to leave. All guests, youth and adults, should use the sidewalk along the south side of the building to come to the front porch and check in at the front desk. If the door is locked and you have a scheduled meeting, please ring the doorbell.

Parking Lot Location.jpg