Youth Programs

Lambert House offers LGBTQ youth over 30 different annual and ongoing programs, activities, resources, and services.

Ways to Give

You can ensure that Lambert House's efforts to safeguard and uplift young people's lives continue to grow and meet the needs of LGBTQ youth.


Volunteers make it possible for Lambert House to keep its doors open and provide the delivery of all our programs and services.

Join Us!

Lambert House is a safe place for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth ages 22 and under. Our calendar is packed with fun activities, support groups, planning meetings, dances, and other events. Lambert House is where LGBTQ youth make life better for each other.

Come see what we are all about! Everyday, approximately 20-30 youth visit us. The drop-in center has large living rooms with a pool table, a music station for tunes, a library with LGBTQ books, TV, games, computer lab, and people to talk with about anything on your mind.

You might be surprised how easy it can be to meet someone going through the same things you are! Some great ways to do that are joining a support group, an activity, talking to one of the adult volunteers, using our computer lab, getting dinner, shooting pool, or playing games.

Lambert House serves a diverse group of youth. Over 50% of the youth who come to Lambert House are youth of color, and youth come to Lambert House activities from all over the region representing more than 130 zip codes equally distributed to the North, South, East and West.

Until I found Lambert House, I felt completely alone... There was never a community for me at home or at school. Lambert House changed that. Here, I have friends and support and a community that doesn’t exist anywhere else.
— Kyle, 16 year old youth


We are located at 1818 15th Ave on Capitol Hill in Seattle (between E Howell & E Denny Way)
Metro Buses 8, 10, and 43 stop nearby. The drop-in center is open Mon-Fri 4-9:30.