Support Us to Buy a Permanent Home

Lambert House, Seattle and King County's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth center, is in discussion with the owners of our leased facility about their intent to sell the property. Lambert House is exploring strategic options to relocate or to purchase its current facility.

The planned sale of the property comes at a time when Lambert House was considering the possibility of expanding our space. It also coincides with the redevelopment of many properties on Capitol Hill, and elsewhere in Seattle, as land values have skyrocketed and older buildings are being razed to make way for denser and more profitable use.

The existence of Lambert House is not threatened. The organization is healthy, with thriving programs, and we have expanded our geographical service reach beyond Seattle in recent years. Last year we served youth from 135 ZIP codes throughout Seattle, King County, and beyond, including dozens of homeless youth. Ideally, Lambert House will acquire either our current space or a larger one to accommodate our continued growth.

Lambert House is researching opportunities to purchase a facility that will be sustainable for the long term, including the possibility of purchasing our current facility. We do not want Seattle and the surrounding region to lose this valuable resource for LGBTQ youth.

Lambert House is the only LGBTQ youth center in Seattle and King County. It is one of only 24 independent LGBTQ youth centers in the world. It served 603 youth last year through an estimated 15,000 service contacts in our 23 programs.

If you are interested in contributing to the Capital Campaign to help Lambert House purchase a building, or to the efforts to locate and design our next leased space, please contact Ken Shulman at 206-491-0596 or donate below. 


Quick Facts

Lambert House

  • One of less than 30 LGBTQ youth centers worldwide
  • Serve over 700 youth each year
  • 30 ongoing programs, services, and events
  • 2016 Data:
    • 73% under the age of 18
    • 54% reported race as something other than white
    • 43 self-reported homeless youth
    • 50% reported a family income that is “low” or “ very low” per HUD family income guidelines
  • Strategy
    • Deliver a wide range of youth-driven services, programs and opportunities
    • Utilize a large number of dedicated, long-term adult volunteers to deliver programming & services, creating a large diverse pool of supportive adults for youth to look up to for role modeling and mentoring
    • Support positive peer socialization
    • Empower youth to create community - ending social and psychological isolation teaching them to be proud of who they are
    • Help develop the next generation of strong, well-informed LGBTQ adults

Lambert House Changes Lives!

I can be myself without having people looking at me all weird and think I’m mentally ill. I’ve been coming here since late 2012.
— Manny, 18 year old youth
Lambert House is an amazing resource for youth who needs space to find themselves comfortably. When I was (confused) about my own sexuality, Lambert House was the only space I (felt) comfortable in without pressure of having to label myself. I’ve been here since I was 18 and I still enjoy being in Lambert House.
— Courtney, 20 year old youth
I LOVE Lambert House because I’m no longer the minority when I’m there and I’m surrounded by a bunch of queer (and ally) people that I love.
— Jerold, 16 year old youth